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Where you can find Soul Voyager 2016

Berlin, Germany
April 11-17, 2016


TEss & special guests Trio Improvviso will be in the fair city of Berlin for one glorious week after brief stops in Florence (4/6), Bologna (4/7), Torino (4/8), Lugano (4/9) & Munich (4/10). Stay tuned for updates on artists coming aboard the Soul Voyager! 



Siracuse, Italy
April 26-May 1


This year TEss will headline International Jazz Day on the beautiful island of Sicily performing on April 30 with The Hot Jazz Orchestra. She is also determined to connect with her idol, Erlend of Norwegian folk duo Kings of Convenience

Montreal, Canada
May 30-June 3


After playing the legenday Club Passim's "Campfire Festival", TEss will head solo for her first ever visit to her northern neighbors in Canada. Help her feel welcome, as she was tragically the last of her friends to turn 18 and missed her chance at fun in Montreal the summer of her senior year due to ageism :)

Copenhagen, Denmark
April 19-24


TEss will be traveling solo up through Hamburg (4/18-19) to Copenhagen to ride her bicycle and upcycle fashion with friends at Studio Travel. Propose a creative collaboration here!

Paris, France
May 3-11


Though they always rave of April in Paris, TEss never liked to swim downstream with the rest and decided that in this fashion-filled city, May is the new April.​ However, you can still xpect some jazz collaborations with Umlaut Big Band and Sara Longo ;)

London, England
July 7-15


For the first time since she was 6 years old TEss will be heading to the Queen's city to visit photographer friend Dante Fewster Holdsworth and gallivant in the streets once roamed by the Rolling Stones & that band from Liverpool! 

Spring/Summer 2016


March 20 - Via Margutta 51 (Rome, Italy)

April 8 - INtheLOFT (Turin, Italy)

April 9 - Turba (Lugano, Switzerland)

April 10 - TBD (Munich, Germany)

April 14 - Culture Container (Berlin, Germany)

April 16 - Galatea (Berlin, Germany)

April 17 - Street Food auf Achse (Berlin, Germany)

April 18 - Pony Bar (Hamburg, Germany)

April 22 - Cafe Retro (Copenhagen, Denmark)

April 27/28 - MOON (Syracuse, Italy)

April 30 - International Jazz Day (Syracuse, Italy)

May 3 - Lou Pascalou (Paris, France)

May 6 - Le Harem Musicale (Paris, France)

May 27 - Campfire Festival (Boston, USA)

June 12 - A Gipsy in the Kitchen (Milan, Italy)

June 15 - Lanificio (Rome, Italy)





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