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Artists On Board Soul Voyager 2016

Jose Romussi
Artist, Berlin


Jose is a Chilean experimental artist currently based in Berlin yet always traveling the world to find new techniques for the development of his art. From simple imagery Jose weaves his way towards beautiful intricate masterpieces. Giving a new form to collage, he colourfully blends thread & paper to create a whole other story. Bringing vibrant life to monochrome imagery, Jose’s embroidery is a form of story telling in its own unique way.

Dante Fewster Holdsworth
Photographer, London


"A photograph to me is like a film that has been paused, yet somehow managed to keep on moving within the same space. A still image holds so much information that it is almost impossible not to imagine what has happened before, and what will happen after. This way of seeing photography is the main influence on the method in which I work; no matter how static the subject, I always intend to invoke a sense of narrative; these narratives, however, are not imposed upon the viewer, but are intended to lead them towards their own ending."

Designer, Berlin


By Jessica Harris & Mariaelena Masetti Zannini, LEOPARDESSA is more than a fashion house, it's an evocation of retro glamour & rock 'n roll attitude inspired by Italian cinema, historic European fashion houses & hidden treasures found in secret addresses of Paris, Rome and other enchanted destinations. The LEOPARDESSA woman is elegance, folly, spark & glitter, muse & eccentric royalty, while at the same time, an aesthetic. She is theater, poetry & romantic irony.

Sara Longo
Singer, Paris


From gipsy jazz to straight up swing, this chanteuse Italo-Francaise does it all with style and the sweetest, smoothest vocals imaginable. Though she was trained in conservatory, she's still been known to climb up on a rooftop to belt out jazz standards or entertain a gathering crowd in a market. Her voice is only rivaled by her lively spirit!


HJO - Hot Jazz Orchestra
Jazz orchestra, Syracuse


Under the direction of Sebastiano Benvenuto Ramaci, the band interprets rare & popular jazz arrangements of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Adding to the ensemble’s uniqueness is the energetic & festive atmosphere the band creates, providing a joyous musical experience that recalls the good ol’ swing bands of nearly 100 years ago!


Claudia Intino
Visual artist, Rome


Born and raised in Rome, Claudia believes that she is living in Paris. Alert and sensitive to creation and everything that surrounds her, she enjoys passing her time painting in the park with her daughter and sharing pleasant dreams of soap bubbles and hula hoops. Enthusiastic about teamwork and thrilled by paradoxes, Claudia is a lovechild full of idiosyncracies: She collects square-shaped Post-its, lives for onion soup, listens to Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong on repeat, studies criminal processes, fears dogs, hates the expression "sign in", loves the word "osmosis", and never speaks about Dylan and Bjork in public.

Gemma Lynch
Film maker, Rome


Gemma is a documentary film maker from the UK who has lived & worked in Italy for nearly 10 years. When she's not directing, she moonlights as an international fixer in Rome for foreign productions, the most recent of which was for the latest Nat Geo with Morgan Freeman. She recently won two commissions for the Film Commission of Sardinia for a short film & web series that she wrote & directed. She is currently shooting her latest documentary in Rome centered on the themes of sisterhood & cross-cultural bonds within the African community of women who run hair salons in the city.

Dina Nour
Musician, Berlin


Dina is a multifaceted musician and true world citizen. Hailing from Kazakhstan, she has called Rome and now Berlin her home as she seeks to diffuse her ethno-electronic sound. When she's not performing, she enjoys suporting & discovering artist collectives, DJing music from her native country, and inventing melodies on top of the sounds that inspire her.

Mavi Taten
Designer, Turin


Mavì Taten is a 100% italian brand. The whole production is overseen by Pugliese designer Vittoria Formuso,  from the choice of natural Italian fabrics to the creation of the garment. Behind every collection there’s a story related to a sensation, a moment, an emotion. Her brand centers around the choice of fabric, the juxtaposition of plots, the different 

weights, the volume and the cuts. Vittoria aims to translate existing beauty into wearable art, celebrating the perfect structure of a flower to the facade of a church. If what she sees gives stirs an emotion, she  immediately tries to transform her sensation into clothing.

Peter Jensen
Designer, London


Danish-born Peter Jensen is one of London fashion’s most cherished and recognisable figures. Born in Denmark and educated at Central Saint Martins, he established the Peter Jensen brand in 1999 and has been showing as part of London Fashion Week since 2001. Known for a mastery of colour and print, including the signature rabbit motif, the brand caters to a loyal customer base of men and women looking for contemporary design that incorporates charm and wit into wearable clothing. Fifteen years have seen the brand move from cult to established, with stockists worldwide.

Funk Shui Project
DJ collective, Turin


"Struggle Funk" from the Beatles to St.Germain through the Wu-Tang Clan, Funk Shui Project is one of those groups that is a must-know for those passionate about hip hop. They combine rap with funk in a unique way that draws inspiration from many musical genres, resulting in a uniquely fresh & versatile style that sets them apart.


Studio Travel
Lifestyle space, Copenhagen


A creative space where music, art & personal style collide, Studio Travel was born to be something different than just a vintage shop. It was born as a transient container of ideas and activities. Now there is a permanent space, but the concept behind it has not changed. All the surroundings constitute an international platform of artists & all kinds of interesting & interested people are able to share their thoughts, values & ideas in this unique space.

Lars Moereels
DJ, Berlin


Lars Moereels is what you might call a Renaissance man. Photographer, art director, graphic artist and master of remix, Lars is the quintessential European artist. Born & raised in Antwerp, he studied photography at ICP in New York City where he developed his distinct and sought-after style. Even at the ripe age of 25, Lars has already art directed important publications and worked on a campaign for Eastpak.

Simona Maria Cannone
Photographer, Syracuse


Femininity, discovery, solitude, and above all, storytelling are at the heart of Pugliese photographer Simona Maria Cannone's company Zonzo Web. She loves listening to, reading and when possible, telling stories for others, and believes that the best way to do this is by traveling the world and seeking these tales out. I met Simona in my first apartment in Rome and have since become a friend and a fan, not just of her artwork, but of her voyager spirit!

Cars on Rooftops
Band, Paris


Progressive-rock, electric guitar, bass and synthesizers came to a screetching hault when Cars on Rooftops accidentally changed direction and became an acoustic band. What was meant to be purely experimental for a one-off concert, saw the band veering to the enthusiastic response of the crowd and reversing direction towards their destiny to become an acoustic folk band. Their new EP "Graviitate"is indisputable proof that they have arrived at their musical destination.

Simona Perrone
Multimedia artist, Rome


Simona describes herself as a multimedia creative 

curmudgeon fighting for no borders besides the ones of her own apartment. She writes novels (two already published & one recently finished), makes collages & produces short films.

Her latest experiment was a social project exploring the nature & marketing of fetish, and her most recent creation was the tour poster for Soul Voyager! Nature, Conrad, Arabic majolicas, Colette, cats, traditional Italian food & human empathy are her primary sources of inspiration.

Olympia de Molossi
Stylist, Turin


Olympia is a stylist to the stars and strong women worldwide who works between Turin & Milan. If something inspires her, she jumps on board, but most of the time, she's busy setting her own trends.


Explorer, orange (the color), light

Loves to do collage in her free time

She experiements with free research of time

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