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Soul Voyager is a concept tour aimed at connecting with local talent, building a creative community and EXPERIENCING the true culture and spirit of a city.


Each visit consists of 4 goals:

  1. Collaborate with a local band (studio session, open a concert, make a video, etc)

  2. Collaborate with a local DJ (remix a song from Soul Whisperer, topline some beats, etc)

  3. Collaborate with a local artist (model clothes for designer, pose for visual artist, combine our media)

  4. Perform my music (opening for local act, pop-up concert, planned show)


Follow my Social Media to stay updated the entire tour via my musical travel blog. Participate in contests & play triva with me on Snapchat (justtessme) & Instagram, TWEET ME your travel tips & follow me on Facebook for photos, videos and daily updates, as well as links to my new friends’ and collaborators websites so you can discover their art along with mine!


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